The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC – ) change have published a key report which calls for urgent action to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C in order to prevent environmental catastrophe. The IPCC assessments draws on the work of hundreds of scientists from all over the world who volunteer their time and expertise.

The report illustrates mounting impacts and fast-approaching, irreversible tipping points.

Nicolas Stern:

Accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable growth or suffer the mounting damage from sea-level rise, floods and droughts that will severely hinder efforts to tackle poverty, raise living standards and improve prosperity…… Governments, companies and communities should embrace this transition to a clean and sustainable economy: it tis the growth story of the 21st century.

The UK should take every opportunity to develop renewable energy. But, in some cases the government is actually discouraging renewable – the onshore wind industry and solar power.  Instead, taxpayers money and executive powers are being used to back nuclear power and fracking for gas – which has now re-started in Lancashire 

Here I’m quoting Paul Brown (the Guardian, 13.10.2018)

  • Scientists have warned that there is a 12-year window to save the planet from exceeding a dangerous 1.5C increase in temperature.
  • The renewables that most suit our UK climate have already been developed and can be installed rapidly. 
  • Britain is already a world leader in offshore wind technology – but governments have not supported developments in underwater sea turbines, wave power and tidal barrages.
  • These, plus improved battery technology and balancing of supply and demand, make this revolution possible.

    All that is needed is political will.



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