‘Climate change is intergenerational theft’  Naomi Klein

A fantastic day here in Cornwall today. Bright clear sky and rich autumn colours; gulls flying in formation westward to the coast after a day feeding inland on the newly ploughed fields, starlings heading back to Davidstow Woods where they roost, and this evening the owls are calling. It’s so easy to think that all is well.

Naomi Klein: According to a new WWF report, since I was born in 1970 the number of wild animals on the planet has dropped by more than half – and by 2020 it is expected to drop by two-thirds. And what more powerful place to illustrate that absence than the Great Barrier Reef, on the knife-edge of survival?

So I’ve just watched a film by Naomi Klein who won the Sydney Peace Prize 2016, made when she and her family visited the Great Barrier Reef last week, to see the impact of coral bleaching caused by climate change. Please read her Guardian article and watch her film.


And then there’s this cartoon – in case you didn’t see this in an earlier post!



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