Abstract paintings with nature and the landscape as starting points, wherever I walk, observing the growth, harvest, decay and renewal of nature. In recent years I am also using my paintings to express concerns for human impact on the natural world and the implications for the future. 

Colours, textures, lines and shapes, plus the experience of being in this landscape – the rugged hills, granite boulders and the tors of Bodmin Moor; footpaths, fields, streams and woodland, trees and hedgerows of the Lynher Valley. The painting will find its own direction from initial sketches, working drawings, the choice of materials, sometimes adding organic material, but always retaining the knowledge and so becoming a distillation of these. 

Living in this beautiful corner of Cornwall, close to Bodmin Moor, I walk every day through fields from the studio or along footpaths and out on the moor. I need that connection with the landscape and natural environment.

I generally take the camera with me when walking, seeing images, to catch ideas and glimpses of possible paintings, a visual reminder of a moment, an experience, a route, the changing seasons.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREMy roots lie deep in the Cornish landscape; ancestors have farmed in north Cornwall for generations and I grew up here in a farming family. Returning to this valley on the edge of Bodmin Moor – after teaching in primary schools and in art education – a small converted stone barn is now my painting studio. This part of Cornwall I know well, and reflected in my paintings are elements of the rural landscape around my studio.


Open Studios Cornwall

Open Studios Cornwall

Kreft Landreyne – our local display of creative work and open studios

Open Studios Cornwall
A’n Dor (Of the Earth) – Lynher Valley group exhibition and open studios

Open Studios Cornwall
Lynher Valley Art Walk and open studios

Lander Gallery, Truro. Six of my Bodmin Moor paintings were included in an exhibition called ‘Wild Cornwall’.
Lynher Valley Art Walk and open studios