detail from Kilmar #2  (2019)

In recent paintings I’ve added organic materials to gesso and/or acrylics, creating texture and lines – soil, salt, wood ash, crushed eggshell, dried grass, sheep’s wool and so on – whatever I pick up from the environment that I’m working from.

Kilmar 2019 (detail)

So, remembering Anselm Kiefer (B. 1945), large scale works that incorporated various materials including ash and wire –

Sandra Blow (1925-2006) painting Space and Matter in which she she used a liquid cement on the board and, while this was wet, applied chaff and other substances and then used charcoal and thin glazes of oil paint to produce the desired effect.

This one is on display at Tate St Ives

Space and Matter 1959 (my photograph)

another version at Tate, online:

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