A wonderful sunny morning so we walked from here, through Tremollett and onto footpath 16. This is a lovely route through fields with Sharp tor and Bearah Tor on the horizon (see my images taken this morning along FP 16).

After the harvest the stubble fields are changing colour, towards ochre, and a small field of barley not yet cut has become very dry and pale. So I completed the painting below this afternoon. Then worked on the two above, which are of Hawk’s Tor, the heather, bracken and granite.

field of late barley
field of late barley
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  • freya

    hello jill,
    Dad told me about your new website! He’s right, it is a wonderful site. I love the lay out and the mix of image, studio life and story telling. Very inspiring and exciting to see so much new work emerging. Lots love Freya

    • Jill

      Hi Freya
      Thank you for finding time to look at my work and for your comments. As you see I have moved on since your visit in July and hopefully getting somewhere towards abstraction which is my intention, feeling my way and finding lots of inspiration in this lovely countryside around here now that I feel clearer about what I’m trying to do. So I’ll press on! Love Jill X

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