We now have a newly refreshed Lynher Valley website, but this time with a climate and ecology focus, and including Cornwall Artists Declare.

So here are the links: www.lynhervalley.co.uk and www.cornwallartistsdeclare.co.uk

I hope that artists across Cornwall will join us in declaring a climate and ecological emergency. We are adding our voices and actions to the millions of others around the globe to declare a climate and ecological emergency, and call for immediate governmental action to protect all life on Earth. 

We call on governments to act now to find the means to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions and reverse biodiversity loss by no later than 2030.
We call on governments and media institutions to tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency.
We believe in the power of art to help promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.
We acknowledge the environmental impact of the our work and commit to taking urgent action to reduce our carbon footprint.

There’s a lot more on the website, and I’ll be including some lovely walks and places to visit in this wonderful county.

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