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A drawing every day is back on track….

Climate Change
Living in such a beautiful and tranquil place it’s easy to ignore environmental issues.
We know that people and animals are suffering due to climate change – e.g. with rising sea levels and drought causing loss of homes and habitat, loss of food sources and water supplies, forcing migration and hardship. 
So when I read about a new report or issue being discussed in the media, I post and I paint. It’s a small gesture, it goes along with other small decisions I make.
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Notter Tor

Favourite places, routes and images
collected from around my studio and on walks:
1 kmsq – simple collections of favourite images 
– sheep’s wool on a strand of barbed wire, winter trees
along a hedgerow, lichen on granite – in the square
kilometre around my studio

ways – paths created and used by people and animals

places – some of the wonderful places I go to