Almost ready for open studio, and the days are warming up which will make it much nicer for people visiting.

There shouldn’t be any frost this week (according to the Met Office) so I’ve planted out some of my carefully nurtured beans and the mini sweetcorn into the warm soil in my vegetable garden.

This painting, possibly finished today, I’ve called Warming. This morning I read about a report by researchers based at Exeter Uni, about their studies of plant life in Antarctica – which exists on just 0.3% of the continent – and particularly the moss banks.

the warming climate of Antarctica in the past 50 years has spurred on biological activity: the rate of moss growth is now 4 to 5 times higher than pre-1950. They are confident that this is a response to climate change, suggesting that the results of their various findings could lead to further, rapid changes in Antarctica’s eco systems, and with more visitors, making it easier for invasive species to colonise the continent… ‘should this occur, it would transform the face of this remote, largely pristine and very iconic region.’ 

Warming 2017






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