Painting now after walking across the moor on that wonderful October morning to spend time in and around the ruins of the ancient settlement – see Leskernick post for more info. The granite stones spread across the hillside – remains of round houses, boundary walls, stone circles, upright stones and fallen, or earth-bound, or not used at all but still there on the hillside – all used in their natural/found shapes, selected for their shape, size or nearness to the structure being built, or perhaps for a special reason and brought to a special position. All this – so how to express something about that that place. The layers of rock, sediment, structures, and the layers of time.

I have 3 canvases 36×30 inches. I’ve made a start on each, this one above is the one I’ve worked on today.


Leskernick #1
Leskernick #1



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