A cuckoo was calling early this morning, I listened to it and all the other birdsong as I drank my cup of tea standing at the open front door. Then later, on a walk to Notter Tor I heard another, this one was somewhere around Bearah Tor. 

Notter Tor is covered with bluebells amongst the dried bracken which is yet to grow and under the wind-sculpted oak trees. It’s an interesting low tor on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor. An old quarry has eaten into one side where there is now a deep pool with sheer granite cliffs. From the boulders on the summit the views are fantastic, and there are remains of a prehistoric tor enclosure with terraces. More info – parish wildlife group walk.

Having scraped off much of yesterday’s painting – a large canvas that was getting too sticky and detailed, this afternoon I worked on it again. I wanted larger blocks of colour, taking you around the canvas to explore each bit, rather like the walk this morning which gave me the colours that I have used. Now it may be finished – I’ll see tomorrow when I look afresh…… 

Notter Tor 100x70cm



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