Pat Steir, American, working in New York, (b. 1940) best known for her dripped, poured and ‘waterfall’ paintings – “a cascade of dark marks on an umber ground, made with the sheer forces of gravity and liquid. Calligraphy, rain, watercolour art, a twist of Chinese scarlet at its centre: the painting carries a vast culture, geography and climate in its delicate torrents”. (Exhibition review by Laura Cummings

abstract painting by Pat Steir
September North China Sea, 1994-95 by Pat Steir.
Photograph: © Pat Steir; courtesy Cheim & Read, New YorkCheim & Read

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Pat Steir in interview, describing her work, thoughts and methods.

” … poured paintings…….
each step tells me the next step to take, I don’t try to control it….
exploring texture and colour, density of paint”

energy, control, forces, mistakes….