So many pears on the pear tree this year.
This first ‘Pears’ painting is looking down onto the fruits on the table by my easel, looking simply at the colours and shapes with dark outline, as an abstract representation:

Pears from my garden

Then from the side, three pears. The grouping and the quality of the surface of the pears which had dropped to the ground in the wind. Here they are shown where I placed them on a window ledge to ripen.

Windfall pears

On completion of this small painting, I recalled the beautiful drawings of pears by Martha Alf, done using a 4B pencil on paper, tiny marks placed to create the variations in tonal values from very light/white to very dark, and intensifying these by placing the lightest against the darkest. All forms are defined purely by tone, without the use of lines:

This final painting is a combination of viewpoints, of thoughts about groupings of shapes with or without overlapping, linked by lines. So this has a very different form and purpose, questioning the placement and how they are linked to the group.

Pears from my garden tree.
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