Study: looking at systems

Most artists have a ‘system’ of making work (or their methodology) some of which I’m exploring now, to help find my direction, challenge my way of seeing and appreciating, and move forward in abstract painting:

  1. Fibonacci: I painted stripes of primary colour, then secondary – using the series, (1),1,2,3, as the initial structure – e.g. yellow (1), red 1, orange 1+1=2, blue 3, then reversing the sequence. I then scraped across with the squeegee, giving a tactile finish. Second system, layering couloir, still using the primary colours, spreading each across the sheet with a squeegee, give the tertiary colour.  Painters I’m looking at: Barnett Newman, Jules Olitski
  2. Grids: a basic ordering system, can be seen in artists’ work in different ways –  cubism, simple or complex, strongly geometric or soft-focused, using tonality, and grid-like landscapes (e.g. Paul Klee). I found myself liking this more than I thought, a soft-focus grid. These first two using yellows and a hint of blue to give a greyish tone in places, and a hint of red for a warmer tone, marks visible on the surface, giving an atmospheric feel. which I feel happy with. Others I’m looking at include  Sean Scully, Stephen Buckley
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