after the harvest

A wonderful sunny morning so we walked from here, through Tremollett and onto footpath 16. This is a lovely route through fields with Sharp tor and Bearah Tor on the horizon (see my images taken this morning along FP 16). After the harvest the stubble fields are changing colour, towards ochre, and a small field of barley not yet cut has become very dry and pale. So I completed the painting below this afternoon. Then worked on the two above, which are of Hawk’s Tor, the heather, bracken and granite. Related Images:

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corn harvest

Painting the harvest series I’ve been working on a series of oil paintings during these hectic weeks of the corn harvest; the gold, yellows and ochre of the grain and straw against dark hedgerows and summer skies.  See paintings   Out in the corn fields – preparing the straw for bailing up   It’s a busy time for the farmers, working late into the evening. It’s amazing how quickly a field can be harvested; from cutting with the combine harvester, taking the grain back to the silos, turning and bailing the straw. I watched two fields cut and bailed by three people in one day, with the large round bails left to be taken into the sheds when… Read More

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hashing through the barley

Painting: Barley (Harvest series) see more paintings in this series Monday evening – we *hashed near to here along the tramlines of golden barley and wheat fields (thanks to local farmers for giving permissions), the trees silhouetted against the changing┬ásky. Glorious! *with L2H3, our local Hash House Harriers   The following day I painted the first of my new series, above, about the corn fields. Related Images:

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