Notter Tor on Bodmin Moor

A morning walk on Bodmin Moor through woodlands to Notter Tor, the colours were beautiful – these will be on my palette for new paintings in the coming weeks: greys of granite and lichen, yellow-green of moss and crimson-pinks stonecrop, and of course the brilliant bluebells creating a carpet across the side of the tor and springing … Read moreNotter Tor on Bodmin Moor

nature deficit syndrome

On my early morning walk this morning – as I marvelled at the number of small woodland flowers, blossom on the blackthorn (above) and wild cherry, the sound of the woodpecker and an owl calling, and listened to beautiful birdsong –  I reflected two articles I’ve recently read, voicing concerns that children are ‘retreating from the world of … Read morenature deficit syndrome

lichen and clean air

Trees on Bodmin Moor – and in my garden – are draped with lichen, testament to the clean air that we are very fortunate to enjoy here in Cornwall.  Another lichen in wonderful ochre colours is on the granite in my studio, on granite pillars that were originally the outside of the barn. Lichens are highly sensitive to … Read morelichen and clean air

winter landscape

Series 1: landscapes These winter landscapes (January-February) have a basis in a loose grid. Blocks of colour have been scraped over the original marks and colours, in horizontal or vertical gestures. Lines added or scraped through, perhaps derived from patterns of field boundaries, tracks or trees. An arching shape again laid over with a spreader, and other shapes … Read morewinter landscape


I love the different moods of winter. For a few days now there has been a grey mist across the valley, shrouding the hills. It’s very quiet. The trees veiled, motionless; steadfast; enduring. So for these paintings I’m using cold wax as a medium so that I can layer a veil over the darker tree-like shapes, than making marks either through the wax, … Read morestillness