‘Even the planet’s smallest elephants, tucked away on the island of Borneo, are no longer immune to the global poaching crisis for ivory. On New Year’s Eve 2016 wildlife officials in Borneo found the bones of a beloved male elephant, nicknamed Sabre for his unusual tusks that slanted downwards like the extinct sabre-toothed tiger’s canines…. ‘ this is the link to read the full article



The National Trust and other bodies are looking at protections for Britain’s wildlife and special places currently guaranteed under European, which could change when we leave the EU. There are about 800 pieces of EU environmental legislation, covering wildlife and habitats, water quality, farming, food and fisheries. 

Sustain, an alliance for better food and farming, say there is risk to the UK farming system and environment from Brexit and new trade agreements. Without environmental safeguards in place, there could be major concerns for our natural environment – the soils, pollinators and water – on which farming and everyone depends.

And, not far from here, at Delabole, the UK’s first commercial windfarm has been in action for 25 years! It began in 1991, and is now it’s one of more than 1,000 onshore wind energy projects across the country. Read more ..

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