I was utterly dismayed that our parish council voted 7:1 against joining Cornwall Council and other parishes in declaring a Climate Change Emergency (North Hill PC September 2019)

So I ands 17 others sent a letter and attended the following month’s meeting, but to no avail, no change in their views.
The one parish councillor that voted ‘for’ was Adrian Parsons, a local farmer, County Councillor and member of the Cornwall Council working group on climate.

We’re setting up an autonomous group, North Hill Climate Action Group (or something like that)

Our letter to North Hill Parish Council, 3/10/2019

Dear Parish Councillors

We are writing in support of the one Parish Councillor who voted to join Cornwall Council and other Parish Councils in declaring a Climate Change Emergency. (North Hill Parish Newsletter October 2019) 
Perhaps this councillor was the Governor to Coads Green Primary School, concerned about our children’s future and the state of the planet that we leave them. 
Or perhaps this councillor was a farmer, worried about the future of food production, both locally and globally. 
Perhaps there is a scientist on our council who reads the reports from the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change) which is the collaborative work of thousands of the world’s leading scientists.
Or a car enthusiast or house-builder keen to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. 
Or an environmentalist aware of the pressures on our biodiversity and the global threats from rising sea levels and shrinking sea ice.

So thank you to this one councillor. As residents of the parish, we hope that the parish council will revisit this issue and that North Hill Parish will be supportive of Cornwall Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration and play a part in the work that needs to be done for a better future.

Yours sincerely 

Jill Goodman 
and 17 others

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